There is only one Bodacious Bull


There is only One Bodacious Cow/Calf Shelter
12 ft. x 40 ft. 
$ 21,865.00

Fabricated with 6, 11, gauge USA Carbon Steel.
Heavy duty For-Most Head-Gate with additional steel fabrication.
11 gauge steel nursing Calf Gate Swing Up/down  

Extra Heavy Duty Custom Steel Cow/Calf Alley into head-gate
Inside Creep Feeder Water/Moisture Proof
Extra Heavy 11 gauge steel calf gate into creep feeder
4 Gauge steel skids/runners
4- Auto Vents that open/shut

This Bodacious Shelter is the Ultimate of all Shelters!
Total Weight 8.5 ton

Call for additional information 641-203-1956 
photo below does not reflect all the options listed above or price point mentioned


Why is USA steel the ideal material for bridges?

 Can flex without fracturing
Has long life span even in the harshest of conditions
Steel is a most versatile and effective material for bridge construction
Durable and strong with ease of maintenance
Has capability of lasting 40 years plus
The actual length of service depends upon the amount of stress to which the bridge is subjected Used on the smallest to largest of bridges