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Special Ops Cow/Calf Shelter

There is only One Special Ops Cow/Calf Shelter
Perfect Storm Model 12 ft. x 40 ft. 
$ 23,500
Fabricated with 100% USA Ultra High Carbon Steel
40 Year Contractual Warranty
This Special Ops Perfect Storm Shelter is Superior of all Shelters!
7.5 Ton of Steel

Call for free quote showing all specs and options  515-971-9055 


Why is USA Ultra High Carbon ideal material for our shelters?

Who fabricates with Ultra High Carbon steel?

High Rise Buildings, Bridges, Farm Equipment 

 Why is USA Ultra High Carbon steel for livestock shelters?

Can flex without fracturing 

Has long life span even in the harshest of conditions 

Steel is a most versatile and effective material for shelter construction

Durable and strong with ease of maintenance

Has capability of lasting 40 years plus

The actual length of service depends upon the amount of stress to which the shelter is

subjected Used on the smallest to largest of shelters

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