New Mini Barn Hay Feeder 

This newly designed Hay Feeder is constructed of 100% steel frame and sheeting and designed to save on hay.   Its STEEL skids allow you to move it anywhere around your ranch, any time of the year.




2.  Safe 6 ft. x 4 ft Cabinet Hay Feeder 

3.  Designed to keep your expensive hay dry and less spoilage 

4.  The "nibble net" is a hay saver, so what the animal pulls out of the net with its mouth is what it          eats.   (Less hay on the ground that gets trampled on and not eaten) Strongest nibble net in the        industry. 

5.  Load 8 to 9 square  bales at a time.  4 to 5 bales on each side 

6.  Livestock (horses, goats, sheep) eat from both sides

7.  The frame in the center of the "nibble net" is an A frame pushing hay to outside net for easy                eating 

8.   Hinge door allowing you to set the square bale on top and take of twine rope

9.  40-year warranty on steel frame and steel sheeting

10.  20 colors to choose from

11. Can divide the feeder with 2 pastures feeding from each side of feeder 

10. Easy transportable with sliding steel skids (pull with pickup, ATV, UTV)