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10'x12' Prime Time Model  

Prime Time 10' x 12'

SKU: PT1012
2300 Pounds
  • 10ft. x 12ft. Prime Time Model; 10' x 12' - 8ft height front 7ft height back.  24" Staionary Header.  Fabricated with 100% NEW Carbon steel.

    a. 4" x 4" Square 1/4" (6ga) Steel Skids

    b. 11 & 14 Gauge steel vertical and horizontal steel studs 

    c. 11 Gauge steel roof trusses with cross purlins support.

    d. 24" Front stationary header-overhang

    c. 5/8" Plywood lined inside stalls

    e. Additional steel roof bracing 

    f. Meets all county, city engineer specifications snow load

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