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Quality Statement

The Management of Rolling Hill Mfg. is committed to delivering the highest quality of works and services within our industry.
Rolling Hill Mfg. have in place a Quality Management System which which incorporates strict procedures and protocols to ensure that we deliver only the highest quality product.  Our staff are trained in these procedures.  

Also, as an avenue for our employees, we perform bi-weekly tool box meetings so as to have any grievances aired or other suggestions on how we can all perform more effectively and safely.  To achieve this, Rolling Hill Mfg. has prescribed that the company institute and maintains a Management System that encompasses the following on-going objectives:

We are committed to the continued development of our employees’ loyalty and skill base through on going education and team building initiatives. This objective will ensure that we maintain professional, qualified and committed staff capable of delivering the highest quality product.

Our company principles are as follows;
To ensure Rolling Hill Mfg. develops and maintains a privileged status in the industry as a quality steel builder delivering projects based on best practice principles.

To foster and build on our close working relationship with our clients, which provides understanding, trust and value for their investment.

To continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management team.

To ensure that we are meeting our quality objectives, our performance is measured and reviewed in numerous ways including:
Quality – by establishing process to identify and address quality issues before they occur and by measuring feedback from our clients.

Delivery performance – by assessing the delivery process for time and defects at handover.
Costs – by measuring our projects financial performance constantly finding ways to reduce our project costs in order to continue to remain competitive and ahead of the field in our market.
Non-conformance –by reviewing the number of non-conformance and the amount of reprocessing, we endeavor to improve our performance with reducing the number of corrective actions by implementing pro-active preventative actions.
Review – to ensure that we are meeting the requirements of our industry .

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