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Goat / Sheep Strongest durable steel frame shelters

 Sheep and goats are raised in all climatic zones of Midwest USA. These climatic zones are very diverse with some being dry and others wet. Extreme heat is a major characteristic of some zones while others experience cold temperatures. Each situation has its own requirements for the design and construction of optimum goat/sheep housing. The basic requirement of good sheep/goat housing is that it should alter or modify the environment for the benefit of animals and also protect them from predation and theft.  Sheep/Goat housing should buffer the animal from climate extremes to reduce stress allowing optimal animal performance in terms of growth, health and reproduction. The main climatic factors from which protection is needed are high and low ambient temperatures, environmental humidity, solar radiation, wind and rain. Additionally, shelters are important in protecting feed and equipment from damage, in saving labor, and in aiding effective management, including breeding. Sheep and goat housing should meet animal requirements and serve a producer’s needs at the lowest possible cost. Small ruminant housing need to:

• Be strong enough to last a long time;

• Be large enough for the number of animals to be accommodated comfortably.

• Allow freedom of movement for all animals;

• Be well-drained or have well-maintained dry bedding and easy to clean. Sheep and goats do not tolerate mud well; therefore, yards and shelters should be built only on well-drained ground;

• Receive morning sunshine evenly;

• Be well lighted and ventilated. Air circulation, dust levels, temperature, relative air humidity and gas concentrations should be at levels that will not harm animals;

• Have suitable bedding pens for sick or injured animals as far away from the main stalls as possible. 

We guarantee it with the industry’s strongest, non-prorated, pass-through 40 year warranty.

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