Rainy Day Livestock Model

Sizes and Fabrication Cost

8 x 16     $3126.00

8 x 20     $3604.91

8 x 24     $3755.20

8 x 30     $4773.97

8 x 36     $5382.90

8 x 40     $6214.50

10 x 10    $2995.00

10 x 20    $3939.94

10 x 24    $4153.42

10 x 30    $5219.52

10 x 36    $5752.91

10 x 40    $6627.65

12 x 16    $3532.43

12 x 20    $4218.13

12 x 24    $4821.81

12 x 30    $5455.47

12 x 36    $6041.81

12 x 40    $6873.49

Rainy Day Shelter:

This is an Economy shelter that shields cold, wet weather from your livestock,  also shades from the hot summer heat.   


The Rainy Day model is fabricated with USA steel material; 


1.  Walls and ceiling are fabricated with 2", 16 gauge square steel tubing.

2.  Skid/Runners are fabricated with 6 gauge 3" x 3" x 1/4" x  6 gauage square Tubes

3.  Rainy Day Shelters is sheeted with white steel sheeting on the sides and roof. 

4.  Rolling Hill Mfg does not purchase recyled steel to fabricate our shelters

Up Grade Options:

19 colors 

Back Vented Swing Window 24"x 96"

Front Header Swing Overhang 24"

Custom Built Gate 52"h x   4 ft.

Custom Built Gate 52"h x 10 ft.    

Custom Built Gate 52"h x 12 ft.

Black Commercial Gate Tarp         

Extra Height -12"

No Drip Condensation/Cool Steel Panels

Inside lined plywood 5/8"                               

Rolling Hill Manufacture is considered one of the elite manufactures of 100% steel livestock shelters in the Midwest.  Rolling Hill Mfg. has a 40-year warranty with all of our welds and steel studding and trusses. Even the steel siding has a 40-year warranty from the siding manufacturer.   Steel vs. Wood. http://www.rollinghillsupply.com/steel-vs-wood    Our Steel shelters you can drag, lift and move over a 100 times and not effect the structure of the shelter.  Easy to move with tractor or 4 x 4  pickup.  

We fabricate all of our  livestock shelters with USA Steel.  No recycled Mexico or China steel is even considered in our fabrication.  Even if means giving up sales and cheaper price points to our competitors. 

  1. Rainy Day Shelter:  This economical great shelter that shields cold, wet weather from your livestock also shades from the hot summer heat.  Vents/Windows can be an option on the back side.   Rainy Day is framed with 16 gauge steel studs and 6 gauge 3" x 3" runner/skid.  Rainy Day Shelters have white steel sheeting on the sides and roof.  Rainy Day has a 30 year warranty from top to bottom even the steel sheeting.  A really nice shelter and no wood structure.  


Do you get what you pay for?

You do get what you pay for and it should be that way. Imagine if you didn't get what you paid for, there would be no way of knowing what the quality of item you are buying. In a capitalist system, the amount that something costs should determine the quality of the product.