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Creep Feeder Shelters

US Patent Pending 

Our New Creep Feeder Shelter has a lot of features and benefits. 

Rolling Hill MFG. Shelter Creep Feeder is a great way to provide a continuous free flow of feed to small livestock such as calves. The addition of our Calf Pass Panels to the Creep Feeder allows calves access to the feeder though opening that are large enough to allow them through, but small enough to restrict the access of cows.  At the same time the protein in the feeder and calves are protected from weather conditions. 


Best method available for adding pounds to your calves before weaning and/or marketing. Maximize growth rates in young animals, using proper rations. Maximize the return on your invested cattle dollars. Holds 1800 lbs. of feed. All feeders have adjustable feed control bands. Ideal for small-to-medium sized calf herds. Gate is constructed from 1-1/2" square tubing with adjustable gate bar for growing calves.




Creep Feeder is powder coated Inside by design for easy flow of grain with no corrosion.

Today's powder coatings offer more performance qualities than ever before. They are decorative, functional, and durable—all at the same time. Powder’s superior film properties simply can’t be found in many other finishes.​

Performance – Twice As Thick

Powder coatings are twice as thick as standard liquid finishes. That’s right, twice as thick. This thickness provides better adhesion and stronger corrosion protection. At the optimal thickness, a powder coating provides the durability to withstand continuous day-in-day-out use under tough environmental conditions. If you’re looking for a finish that will stand up to the elements and improve adhesion and corrosion resistance, powder coating is your top choice.

Mechanical – Durable and Decorative

Powder coatings are increasingly resistant to chemicals, weathering, chipping, and scratching. The resistance stems from the thermal bonding process during curing that is unlike any other finishing process. The thermal bonding process delivers longer-lasting vibrancy of color, and the flexibility of powder coatings lets them bend and yield along with the material they are applied to. Flexibility is often ideal in the transportation industry where products often vibrate and twist out of necessity.

Creep Feeder is design to fill from the outside of the shelter with loader bucket or hopper holding 1800 lbs. 

Creep Feeder outside lid is sealed tight keeping moisture out of grain - no waste!

Creep Feeder has inside adjustable grain flow in the trough for the amount of grain released


Creep Feeder is integrated  into the shelter and sealed from bad weather conditions.  

Creep Feeder allows the calves to eat in a dry place and not waste  gran from the weather elements. 

Creep Feeder has a 40 year structural warranty with no rust through

Creep Feeder has a Patent Pending design integrated with steel shelters

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All Videos

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In the video we show the swing 24" front header close and open.   This restricts snow and rain from entering shelter.  The creep feeder is design to keep your grain dry with no crust build up due to moisture.    A commercial tarp can be placed on the calf gate restricting wet and cold wind  coming in on your livestock. 

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