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Unmatched-Quality :  Prime Time Models

100% steel fabricated livestock shelters


When you choose Rolling Hill Shelters, you get a safe, comfortable place for your animals to relax or feed. A Rolling Hill 100% steel shelter, no matter how simple or complex, offers the ultimate in safety, beauty, and comfort.

At Rolling Hill, we offer a variety of practical, timesaving features that help enhance the health and safety of your animals. Our experience in the industry provides peace-of-mind that your structure will be durable and fabricated with the upmost quality you expect from our welders.

We’re here to coordinate with you, from concept to completion, to develop a plan that meets your individual needs and those of your animals. Mobile or Permanent pasture steel shelters designed and constructed by a fabricators who understand animal shelters like Rolling Hill are quick to build, virtually maintenance free, and able to withstand all sorts of out door elements. That’s because we use the industry’s toughest steel, highest-quality steel sheeting available. And we guarantee it with the industry’s strongest, non-prorated, pass-through 40 year warranty.

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