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Rolling Hill Supply Manufacture is without boundaries – growing, changing and challenges, an industry that embraces superior fabrication, continuous innovation, sustainable growth and better quality of life.

We touch the lives of hundreds of ranchers across the Midwest every day with our steel livestock shelters.

Rolling Hill Manufacturing is a private owned business since 2015, specializing in 100% steel frame livestock shelters.  Our engineered mobile steel frame shelters are the best choice for customers requiring speed of construction and economy coupled with aesthetic value. Our shelters are ideal for ranchers, residential and commercial use. 


Why is Rolling Hill Manufacture the Right Choice?

Your investment is an important decision and should be realized through a financially stable company.  Our deep community roots and stout economic strength gives us an exceptional advantage in hiring experienced certified welders who are professionals and will complete your shelter to your expectations.


Why is Experience so Important?

Experience is the key factor to a successful steel frame shelter.  Each of our welders have a minimum of 5 years with the company...with hundreds of successfully completed shelters, their experience is second to none. Designing a functional shelter to fit your budget and meet your needs is our primary goal. Rolling Hill Manufacture also employs a Quality Control Manager who supervises professional welders.  The crew welding leaders’ combined average experience is over 23 years in the steel welding frame shelter industry. These highly experienced welders are the true reason for our success.


Is Rolling Hill Supply Superior?

Yes!  Rolling Hill Manufacture offers the finest in quality and service, as well as economical prices.  Our working days are Monday through Friday 8 to 10 hours a day.  Appointments are available five days a week. 

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